A living room essential, coffee tables come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Keep things simple so as not to overwhelm the eye, especially if you've got a glass coffee table. If your space is large, make sure the coffee table is substantial enough that the couch and chairs don't dwarf it. The more seating around the coffee table, the larger it should be.

Modern homes have limited space and you need smart furniture that does a little more than what it was made for. By using this kind of end tables you can take that extra piece of furniture off the list, saving space and money. In terms of design progression, coffee tables with in-built storage options are a relative newcomer to the home and furniture scene.

In more rustic or naturalistic settings, glass coffee tables would most likely feature a base made from a fine hardwood such as oak, cherry, or even mahogany. See how much space you have in your living room, and then figure out how much table space you need before you make a decision.

Like, maybe you want even more lighting than you already have in place, then you could set down a few lamps on the end tables. But if you need something more polished, this glass and wood creation may be more your style. Speaking of materials, coffee tables can come in a wide variety too.

As pretty as love my coffee table coffee table was, I never realized how uncomfortable it made the room—every time we wanted to get to the sofa, we'd have to maneuver around protruding corners and try to not to get jabbed in the shin. The surface type of furniture may include table, desk, end table, coffee table, and folding table.

The table group features an elegant tulip base and clear glass top to provide an open airy feel. It works for us - at times the tables hold drinks, stacks of books, decorative items, plants or flowers, or sometimes nibbles when we entertain. Switching it up and putting a square or rectangle coffee table in the center of the room makes it a very clear center, and strongly establishes a clear focus.