People might think that the only place where end tables can be used is in the living room. Imagine this - your living room has a gorgeous L-shaped sofa placed opposite to the TV unit. Some of our wooden coffee tables even come with their own side tables in the same designs. Choose a table with engineered wood for the sub material. In addition to the living room, coffee table sets would be a great choice for placing in other areas throughout your home as well.

A variation of the storage coffee table, known as the lift-top coffee table, involves a hardtop surface that can be flipped up to reveal an area for storage, ideal for things like remote controls and other living room essentials. You can display them all in your living room, for your guests to admire, by placing them on side tables.

If there are a lot of square shapes in the room, mix it up with a circular or oval luxury coffee tables table or vice versa. Your seating configuration in your room will play a big role in what size and shape coffee table will work best for you. Those wood pieces sure know how to warm up the room without taking away too much of the polished vision.

Contemporary, rustic, ethnic, retro or vintage - you can choose a cafe table of any style to complement your home decor or opt for a contrasting style to make it stand out. Minimalist look feels peaceful and uncluttered, ideal for people who yearn for serenity within their living space.

In my living room, there are six surfaces within arm's reach of the sofa: a ring-based brass c-table that's perfectly sized for a dinner plate; a tiered glass end table where a lamp, a curated stack of collectible art books and a box of Kleenex live; a blue-and-white chinoiserie footstool in the shape of an elephant that's usually topped with mugs, magazines or a combination of the two; one wooden folding tray table that's folded up next to the couch when not in use; an ikat print pouf mostly used to support elevated feet and resting mobile devices; and a round, wobbly-legged midcentury coffee table that may or may not need to go.

When you are looking at glass end tables for the ones that will be best for your home, you may not always be able to find out if you are looking at high quality glass or not. If you're still struggling with your coffee table, then strip it back - choose just three items, such as a vase (for height), an inspiring coffee-table book and a decorative piece you love (such as a bowl or photo frame).

These are just some of the material and finishing options when it comes to a coffee table since there are many, many more to also choose from. If you truly have a multi-use living room, find pieces that can work in a variety of ways. First of all, think carefully about the space you have available and, when shopping for your dining room table, make sure you focus on the shape of your table and its dimensions before you buy.