id="cnetReview" section="rvwBody" data-component="indepthReview"> Last year, Amazon brought us the Echo Show, an Alexa-enabled smart speaker with a touchscreen display. My colleague Ry Crist wasn't sure about it. The design was boxy and old-fashioned, and as much as Amazon pushed it as device for making video calls, giving Alexa a touchscreen interface didn't really improve the voice control experience.

Since tour bắc kinh từ hà nội then, devices like the Google Assistant-powered Lenovo Smart Display and JBL Link View have made a more convincing argument for this new device category (that we're calling "smart displays"). In addition to video chatting and providing general access to Google Assistant, the Lenovo and JBL displays were deft helpers in the kitchen. They benefited from direct integration with YouTube, and they also provided useful smart home device controls.

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View full gallery The second generation Echo Show ditched the boxy design and distracting front speaker for a much sleeker look.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET You can say Amazon lost round one, but the company hasn't given up on the smart display concept. Instead, the online retail and services giant has redoubled its efforts with the second generation Amazon Echo Show. It's a vast improvement on the original Echo Show in aesthetics and audio quality, and it delivers most of what was missing from its predecessor for the same $230 price (£220, thành phố bắc kinh AU$349).

Still, parts of the visual Alexa experience feel underwhelming and some seemingly obvious features remain absent. If you're decidedly on team Alexa, this smart display is the one for you. Otherwise, pick up a Google-powered model for better visuals and a more conversational assistant.