Go to My 2K9 then u will see the option enter cheat code Then go there and enter,enter,enter!

Where do you enter a cheat on MLB 2k9?
there isn`t any

How do you enter a cheat code in MLB 2k9?
you enter the code "black sox" in the cheats menu. hope it helped but how do you get there? i do not know. sorry.

Which is better MLB 2k9 or MLB 09 the show?
mlb 2k9 is great except that you cant argue ^true But overall MLB 09 The Show is way better in about every aspect.

Who is on the cover of MLB 2k9?
Tim Lincecum

Is it worth buying MLB 2K10 if you already have MLB 2K9?
NO cause MLB 2K11 is now available.

When will MLB 2k9 come out?
March 3rd, 2009

Did Reynaldo fairly beat Felipe in MLB 2k9?
== == === === === === === ===

Is Brett gardner in MLB 2k9?
pretty sure he is

How do you wall climb on MLB 2k9?
the x button

When does Major League Baseball 2K9 come out on x-box 360?
I thought it was available, MLB 2K8 is available, MLB 2K9 is available for XBOX 360 and WII last I saw it

How do you bat in mlb 2k9 for Xbox 360?
use the a button

Are there all the jerseys in mlb 2k9?
you have to unlock all of the jerseys.

Does MLB 2k9 have online?
yes it does living rosters and games

What is the best pitch in MLB 2k9?
the 12-6 curveball by far

How to use swing stick in MLB 2k9?
right analog stick

How do you pitch on MLB 2k9?
you dont they always hit the ball anyway

What is the Cheats for MLB 2K9?
Not really just gamerpoints for Xbox 360.

Who throws the eephus pitch on MLB 2k9?
Orlando Hernandez of the mets

How do you create player in MLB 2K9?
go to features and select create player

How come MLB 2k9 the sHow is onlt for PlayStation?
it might be playstation special i think it is

What game modes does MLB 2k9 have?
franchise, home run derby,postseason, practice

Is Shea Stadium playable in MLB 2K9?
No because all stadiums are up to date in all video games

In Major League Baseball 2k8 is manny ramirez on the dodgers?
In the game MLB 2K8, Manny is not on the Dodgers yet he still is currently on the Boston Red Sox, but in MLB 2K9 he is a Dodger. hope that helps.

Cheats for Major League Baseball 2k9 on ps2?
MLB 2K9 is one of the fun games to play in PS2. In this game, the players have the ability to choose characters with big heads. Start by looking for the cheats section on the main menu. In the space available, type in the code Black Sox. After entering the code, enjoy the game under the so-called Big Head Mode. Hope this helps.

How do you check swing in mlb 2k9 on ps2?
i finally figured it out after you swing hold down L1 L2 R1 R2 all at the same time

Does MLB 2k9 run on 64 bit processors?
if 2k9 has a 64-bit installer - then it's yes or you might have 64-bit processor, but using a 32-bit OS (e.g xp 32-bit, or vista 32-bit) - then it is still possible.. hth rj

Is Major League Baseball Baseball 2K9 fun?
it's gameplay is better than the mlb series but it has less features (Road to the Show). In a word, yes.

On MLB 2k9 why does the ball zoom by when pitcher is only throwing 88?
do u no how fast 88 mph is ... just because its not 98 doesnt mean it shouldn't zoom by

In MLB 2k9 how do you stop it from freezing when you load your franchise mode?
2K Sports is instructing everyone to log into XBox Live and download the patch that is available. They say it resolves the freezing glitch.

Why do the umpires cheat for the New York Yankees?
MLB umpires tour myanmar từ hà nội do not cheat for the Yankees. They don't have an agenda for helping certain teams out.

What are the trade in values of gta iv mlb 2k9 and madden 10 at gamecrazy?
How you no longer have any trade in credit. All of GameCrazy's locations have closed after parent company Movie Gallery's bankruptcy and liquidation.

What better Major League Baseball 2k9 or Major League Baseball the show 09?
Honestly i think the show is a better game. The graphics are a lot better and its a more realistic then 2k9. If you want a baseball game that feels like your watching ur favorite team on tv, then get the show. ^agreed. 2k just didnt even try to outdo mlb the show that year.

Can you unlock teams for mlb the show?
Yes, you can, but you need a cheat code i don't have

How Do You Steal In MLB 2k9?
If you wanna steal on ps2 then when your on base right press L2 to give him a lead anpress L1 and L2 and he steals but if its a good pitch or strikeout Tour du lịch Myanmar từ hà nội then he wont steal and also becareful becuz you might get caught

Does Derek Jeter cheat in baseball games?
He has never been disciplined by MLB for violating a rule.

What game should you buy Major League Baseball 09 the show or Major League Baseball 2k9?
i would buy MLB 09 The Show because that game has better graphics Yeah!!!! MLB 09 The Show DOES have better graphics because i bought it yesterday June 30, 2009! dude it is awsome i bought it yesterday November 9 for psp

I'm having trouble in MLB 2k9 for ps2Example There's a ball hit to center field and a guy on second He advances to third and you want him homeHow do you do that without moving the guy on first?
you click x and then it will highlight the selected base runner and then you can advance

What type of ball is used in MLB?
Rawlings makes the baseballs.

Are the White Sox the best MLB team?
Type your answer here... NO

When did steroids get banned in the MLB?
a-roid obviously, and pretty much everyone on the Yankees (Yankees suck) they cheat, they buy the world series

How can you put a player you created on a team in MLB 2K9?
First, after you create your player, go to "free agents" and he will be there. Click assign to team and choose the team you want him to be on. If there are already 25 players on that team, release a player from the minor leagues. Assign your created player to that team then bring him up to the majors.

What type of graphics does MLB 09 The Show have for the psp?
they are pretty good

What is the best MLB stadium in the us?
Type your answer here... fenway park

What is the record of home runs in the MLB?
Type your answer here... 762 barry bonds

Why does pitcher throw wild pitches with men on base in the psp game mlb 2k9?
You need to hit the pitch button twice. If you hold the button down, you may notice the cursor expand. Release at any point, and hit the same button again as the cursor contracts. The more compact the cursor, the more accurate your pitch.

Who has hit the most doubles in mlb history and how many?
Type your answer here... nellie fox 456

What MLB pitchers have thrown two no hitters in one season?
Type your answer here...nolan ryan

How do you get tour myanmar giá rẻ all legends and all-star teams in MLB 2k8?
There are two easy codes that will allow you to unlock all of the legends and all of the all star teams. The codes are, legends - up, down, left, right and all star teams - down, up, left trigger.

What mad Nolan Ryan famous?
He is the only MLB pitcher to ever throw 7 "no-hitters".Type your answer here...

When did the term MLB come about?
The MLB was officially founded using the term MLB in 1920.

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