myanmar best beaches has remained shut to the world for quite a long time. However, the place is now open to tourists. In fact, it's the unfamiliarity that makes Myanmar an appealing destination. It is the right destination to visit for those looking forward to experience exotic adventure. What you will like about Myanmar is its culture, and how welcoming and friendly Myanmaries are.

myanmar beachesIf you want to plan your vacation to Myanmar, there are a lot of travel agencies that are offering great package deals including stay at best Resorts in Myanmar, traveling to Myanmar's top travel destinations, bespoke itinerary, and so much more. But before choosing your travel guide, it is very important to learn about the places you should visit in Myanmar and some important things that you need to know regarding your travel destination.

Places to Visit in Myanmar

Once you have find the right travel agency make sure that your trip includes a visit to Mandalay best known for the state of the art colonial buildings. Also, you should visit to Bagan, the capital city of Myanmar that will capture your imagination and help you experience the past glory of Burma. Bagan is famous because of its temples and religious structures.

What's more? Myanmar has some of the finest beaches that remains unspoiled by any sort of development. One of the fantastic beach that you should travel to is Ngapali Beach, which you can reach by taking a 45-minute flight from Yangon. Another great beach is Ngwe Saung a five hour drive from Yangon.

Key Points to Consider During Your Travel

Internet was forbidden previously, especially a ban was imposed on using sites such as Youtube and Gmail. However, the ban has been lifted now but the Internet connection is slow.

There are only limited ATMs in Myanmar and thus make sure to bring plenty of cash along with you. You don't have to worry about carrying lots of cash with you, as the crime against travelers is rare.

If you don't want to make your Myanmar Travel a bumpy ride do ascertain that you are provided the best transport mode during your visit to Myanmar by your travel agency. However, you might experience delays while traveling at odd hours, but that's just a part of a typical long distance journey, so be prepared to take away uncertainty from your journey.

The best beaches in myanmar time to travel to myanmar best beaches is during November to February, when the weather is warm but not very hot. However, since this is the time that attracts a lot of tourists you may find difficulty in finding the right accommodation options. Therefore, it is better to plan your trip n advance by choosing the right travel agency.

If you want to embrace a totally new and undiscovered way of traveling, then myanmar best beaches seems to the best destination for you. While your visit to Myanmar, you will enjoy pristine beaches, to beautiful colonial buildings, to ancient religious structures (in particular the temples) and so much.