You merely read, in the legal section of your local paper, about vacant lots or land parcels for sale. That county sale is due also uncollected right back real estate taxes that are held to your neighborhood county offices by the existing property owner.

If you have never attended a Genuine Estate Tax purchase before, their is just a learning curve on how best to Get ready for this area buying, opportunity event.

When you can spend money on property for sale at a really small group of it's market price, this is definitely an opportunity. Low event is bought by a real. However, planning conference this possibility can help cause success in your purchase or purchases of land for sale. For a different perspective, consider checking out:


Research your potential land for sale purchase. Many propose that you do a little title search your self at the local county assessors office to look for any title liens or other clouds to the title within the countries recorded documents. A less strenuous process is to pay a company for a Title Binder, which will reveal any liens or title conflicts ahead of your bidding on any property.

In order to execute a search you will need what they call a legal description. Usually this contains the lot number, block number and model number of a named community. As an example, lot 1, block 12, unit 3 of the Pacific Subdivision. We found out about Alpha Land Realty Announces Discounted Land For Sale In Stafford County Virginia by searching the Internet. Obviously this neighborhood is found in your state and state.

In your search, the local county tax is really a loan against this land available. This will show in your search or title binder, but must also show as a dollar amount in straight back taxes within the local newspapers appropriate notice. Other national straight back taxes or what is called mechanics liens may also show. Then when the title is transferred to you or others, these liens need to be paid in order to pass clear title. You will have to pay these other liens before re-marketing the land pay your bid amount and in the course of time, if you don't find these liens. Browse here at to discover the meaning behind this concept.

After your subject research you need to discover your lot available. An area street name and number may suffice, If it's located in an existing neighborhood. But, much vacant land is situated in the open areas were no growth has taken place. In this case, you will need a plat which shows most of the lots positioned in an existing place. These plats show different lots and street names and are public information. You can buy recorded plats at your county court house or even a regional mapping service at very affordable rates.

You will need to determine if this a buy now and hold for later sale investment, when watching the land for sale. If not, perhaps you can purchase now and re-sale immediately for an immediate gain. Quite simply, what're your investment goals.


You have your plat maps, an inventory of eligible lots or land parcels for sale that you need to bet on and a "letter of credit." You need certainly to visit your bank a day or two before the tax land sale and arrange to have money available or a of credit showing you've a dollar said amount in you checking account. order to transfer title for you, the newest land owner the county wants licensed funds or cash. Assuming you successfully won the land bid.

It is possible to shift funds from your savings account or credit line to your checking account. Make sure you have plenty in order to bid on several little bit of property available at the land market.

Recall, the "letter of credit" is vital in order to quote. The county officials will not only accept you personal inspections without this letter. With it, your bidding number will be received by you. Looks as if you might be prepared now, but a few other needed elements exist for the success. Things that we will review within the last Section of this article.