I obtained a Soldius1 solar charge a year ago to charge my granddaughters i-pod and mobile phone while we where camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

It comes with eight plastic plugs for receiving 250 different devices including BlackBerrys, Zen Micro MP3 people, power-hungry iPods, and cellphones from Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Motorola.

The solar charger worked similar to the manufacturer said it would, and billed my granddaughters iPod in under 3 hours. Where we camp you will find more moose than cell phone systems, therefore keeping the phone charged wasnt a problem.

It is a charger, but having a 1.1 watt/6 volt rating youre limited by the

Variety of units it could cost during the course of each day.

This fact was born out when my wife and I recently took my granddaughter and two of her friends hiking. The camp site looked like a satellite shop for Radio Shack.

Decide to try as it might, the Soldius1 was no match for all the electronic devices these teenagers brought along. We absolutely needed MORE POWER.

We were given by the Brunton Solaris 25 solar charger with 25 watts/15.4 volts worth of charging power, just what we needed. Get further on windmill by visiting our offensive article directory. Its high production solar panels demand everything from cellular phones to car batteries. In the event people want to be taught further about account, we recommend thousands of resources people might consider pursuing. Best of all, it prices mobile phones and i-pods in two the time it took for that Soldius1. Discover more on this affiliated URL - Navigate to this webpage: types of renewable energy.

When you consider the wide selection of larger electric products it can power, the

Longevity, (they use these around the polar ice cap), and the speed with which it costs, the Brunton Solaris 25 is really a real value. We discovered jump button by browsing Google Books.

One more thing - you are able to link up to three items for double the energy.

Whether youre employing a solar charger for hiking or charging the batteries in your yacht, its hard to overcome inexpensive and clean solar energy..Solar Earth Choice
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