The Quest

Last week I had flown to Nashville to test for my long-awaited San Dan (3rd diploma Black Belt - This is similar to becoming the state Teacher). Before the test I had been teaching regularly sinc...

Their usually said in Fighting Styles that the meaning doesnt lie in how good you are or what strip you've, rather the meaning lies in the trip. Before I enter into What Black Belt Means To Me, I would want to speak about my journey of these past few months.

The Journey

I had flown to Nashville to test for my long-awaited San Dan (third diploma Black Belt - This really is similar to becoming an official Teacher) last week. Prior to the test I'd been teaching consistently since April of this season at a friends school and my local gym. Identify extra information on by visiting our unique website.

It'd been about 5 years since Ive last employed my control, Wado-Ryu Karate-Do, so my memory of the system was very obscure. After seeing numerous tapes of myself as a new martial artist, I'd re-learned my under belt curriculum, however I was struggling to remember my black belt curriculum. Visiting perhaps provides suggestions you should tell your aunt. Ones under strip understanding is vital as it is considered as the foundation of ones instruction, knowing anything about martial arts. Clicking probably provides lessons you can use with your pastor. On-the other hand, lots of people genuinely believe that your teaching really begins whenever you obtain your first black belt. I couldnt agree more. When I was offered to Sho Dan (1st Degree Black Belt) my interpretation about the fighting styles and Wado-Ryu had grown considerably and I started to really learn.

In either case, I needed to understand everything that may have possibly been thrown at me as it had been a decade since my last official test.

In July, I went to Nashville to teach with my beloved and highly recognized instructor Sensei Wayne Tyler. Unconditional love for his students and the art and I consider him like a father figure in my own martial arts career due to his vast knowledge of Wado-Ryu. If you believe any thing, you will maybe choose to read about Imagine being a scientist and your teacher was Albert Einstein that's what it feels like to be under the wing of Sensei Tyler (or Mr. Tyler, when I call him). I had been in Nashville instruction with Sensei 2-3 hours every day for 5 days. I caught up on my course and took the information that has been passed down by him and applied it to my training in Denver.

Again, since I didnt know what to anticipate, I conditioned myself to be ready for nearly anything. Not only was I training my katas and fundamentals (Japanese forms), but I was also running 15-20 minutes on the rowing machine, 2 miles, three times each week and about 6 7 miles on the stationary bicycle. I dont think I might have been better prepared for this test.

I efficiently passed my test and was offered to San Dan o-n October 17th 2006. I should say, this was one of my greatest accomplishments in my martial-arts career and a dream come true. It's take-n me many years to reach this goal, but it has strengthened my interpretation of being a black belt, or in my own case San Dan..