The Yahoo Cars service, usually called Yahoo Autos, was first launched in 2008. Yahoo also has sites for sports and movies that are similar in style to Yahoo Autos.

The first car which launched in India?
Plymouth Cars

When was the Mercury car first launched?
The Mercury car was first launched by Ford Automotive company in 1938 by Edsel Ford. In the first year of the Mercury being launched over 65,800 Mercury cars were sold.

When were the Nissan Primera cars launched?
Nissan Primera cars were launched in Japan in 1995, although the first model was ready in Sunderland in 1990. The Nissan Primera car replaced Nissans 'Bluebird'.

What was the first locomotive to pull a train of cars in a regular service?
The first locomotive to pull a tour đài loan từ hà nội train of cars in regular service was called Best Friend

The Proton Saga Iswara was launched by Proton on what date?
Proton Saga a series of cars produced by Malaysian manufacturer Proton. The first generation compact and subcompact cars began production in 1985. The second car launched during this generation was the Proton Saga Iswara was launched on August 15, 1992.

Which company manufacturers the Cayman model cars?
The manufacturers of Cayman model cars are by Porsche, a Germany car brand. These models were first launched in 2006 and the first model ceased production in 2011.

Why were the first cars only available for the wealthy?
It wasn't the case that the first cars were only available for the wealthy..more that only the wealthy could afford them. Added answer: Not only cars but all new products launched by factories aren't affordable for poor people.

When was the Cars 2 launched?
The movie Cars 2 will be released to theaters in the year 2011

How many are the passenger car models to look forward to launched by Toyota?
Toyota has a number of passenger cars launched this year.

When was the hybrid car invented?
The Toyota Prius was launched in 1997, two years before its original launch date. In the first year of production sales were nearly 18,000 cars. there seems to be a market for green cars.

What has the author TBD Service written?
T.B.D Service has written: 'Austin cars' 'Morris cars'

What type of information is available on Yahoo auto?
Yahoo auto is a website created to help users find both new and used cars. There are detailed pictures for each car and a review section for users to share their experiences with their cars.

When was the motor car launched?
Early motor cars were developed in the late 1800s.

When were Dodge Challenger cars first launched?
The Dodge Challenger has been around for a long time. The first model, the Silver Challenger, was manufactured in 1959. Their first pony car was built in 1970 and the Challenger is still in production now.

What kind of used cars are sold at the Yahoo shop?
The Yahoo shop, also called "Yahoo Shopping", does not sell cars, but does sell a wide variety of car accessories, such as: Tires, wheels, rims, engine parts, headlights, suspensions, exhaust systems, floor mats, fuel systems, mufflers, windshield wipers, body kits, and brake pads.

Where can one find used Saab cars for sale in the US?
You can find used Saab cars for sale in the US from the Cars for Sale website or from the Automotive section of the Yahoo! website. Alternatively, you can find these cars for sale on eBay.

Which websites allow a person to sell cars?
You can sell used cars online at the eBay motors website. Alternatively, you can also sell used cars on websites such as Craigslist, Yahoo! and Auto Trader.

What has the author T B D Service written?
T. B. D. Service has written: 'Ford cars' 'Morris cars'

What year was the MK4 Golf launched?
The Volkswagen Golf MK4 was launched in 1997. This was an attempt by Volkswagen to move their cars upmarket by offering improved amenities. The car was removed from the market in 2004.

Who created the first diesel powered vehicle?
Diesel engines were first used in submarines and ships since before they were used in cars. According to "Diesel engine history", a Russian oil company named Branobel designed the first diesel engine for use on a ship, the first of which were launched in 1903.

Where can one find used Saab cars?
You can find used Saab cars on Yahoo! auto section. Make sure you select used cars and search for Saab. From there, you can choose the price range, body style, and model year.

Where can one buy tour đài loan từ hà nội cheap Maserati cars?
Unfortunately there are no Maserati cars that would be considered cheap as these cars are considered to be exclusive luxury sports cars. For one to find the best deal one could perhaps view some used models on sites such as Autotrader, Cars For Sale or Yahoo Autos.

Where can one find information about used cars in Cork?
One of the easiest places to find information about used cars in Cork is through the Yahoo local pages. These will have information about where to buy and prices.

Where can you buy used fords online?
One can purchase used Fords online from eBay, Auto Trader, Yahoo Auto, Cars, Cars Direct. Auto Trader is particular is said to be very reliable for used cars, including Fords.

What service does Just Cars provide?
Just Cars in Maryland provide a service and auto repair service such as oil changes, bodywork and engine repair. There is also a company called Just Car that provides car insurance services.

What items are on the Yahoo home page?
Some of the items on the Yahoo home page are: Mail, shopping, news, sports, dating, lifestyle, finance, cars, movies, games, video, messenger, weather, answers, travel, horoscope.

What services does Shannons Car Insurance provide?
Shannons Cars Insurance provides services such as insurance for classic cars, vintage cars and custom collectible cars. They also provide auctioning service for these cars.

When did cars first get speakers?
first cars got speakers in 1983

Where can one learn more information about the Toyota Corolla 2005?
On their website, at any car dealership. On Yahoo Autos, on Yahoo Cars. You can even find information about this car from Amazon and Ebay. Try calling a car dealership and asking them.

Where can used Cadillac cars be found?
Many Cadillac car listings can be found online. Yahoo has an auto section that lists a lot of Cadillacs that are for sale. One can look up cars for sale in their area.

Who besides VW makes gti cars?
The only other company that I found that makes the Gti cars is Mitsubishi. The Satria Sports was launched by Mitsubishi with a 1.8 litre engine originally found in the Lancer.

Three most popular cars sold and prices?
Three of the most popular cars sold include the Model T Ford, which was first launched in 1908, and the VW Beetle, which first appeared in 1938. There is also the Austin Mini, which made it's debut in 1959 and was in production up until 2000. Other contenders for being the world's most popular cars would be the Citroen 2CV, launched in 1935 and discontinued in '90, and the Peugeot 205, which appeared first in...

What are Germany's major service industries?
metro, cars, algriculture

If cars don't go for checkup's what do they go for?
Maintenance or service.

What technology was used for the postal service?
cars, trucks and motorbikes

What does orange spanner signify on a cars dashboard?
Needs a service

What new styles of cars is Mercury making?
The Mercury brand of automobile was a marque of the Ford Motor Company. First launched in 1938, the final Mercury automobile, a Grand Marquis was manufactured in January 2011. Mercury are no longer making automobiles.

When were cars first invented?
cars were first invented in the late 19th century

What battery was used in the first cars?
Ther wasn't a battery in the first cars.

When did cars first come to Canada?
what year did the first cars arrive on the prairies

How many cars are stolen each year in the us?
According to Yahoo. Approximately 1 million vehicles are stolen each year in the U.S.

What are the names of some popular car buying websites?
There are several car buying websites a person could use. Among the top used sites are Yahoo! Cars, AutoTrader, MotorTrend, Edmunds, CarsDirect, Cars, and AutoTempest.

What does fsh mot mean for UK cars?
Full service History

Does it maike sense to service high end cars at the dealership?
You get what you pay for.

Where can you get your car fixed and make payments on it?
Cars can be fixed in a service station.

Who has the highest fleet of cars in the world?
Obama's secret service detail...

What is a great car rental place?
A great car rental place online known to have good service and low prices would be Rental Cars. The service provides you with the option of renting cars in most countries worldwide.

Who was the first man to invent cars?
Henery Ford was the first man to invent cars at 1865

Where would one shop for a Green car?
Environmentally conscious car shoppers have options for finding cars that are considered green by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These options include Green Cars, the EPA's government site and Yahoo.

Where can one find pre owned Rolls-Royce cars?
One can find pre owned Rolls Royce cars directly from the manufacturers websites, as well as from mass auto merchandisers such as Auto Trader or Yahoo Autos.

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