Yahoo Mail is one of the reliable and secure email services which are used by users for their individual and business purposes. In order to receive emails in your yahoo account, you can also send mails through your account by simply composing them. You can send mails to a single email address as well as to multiple email addresses at a time. In this piece of write-up, you will get complete information about how to Compose New Email from Yahoo Account in an efficient manner.

Below are given the steps to compose new email from Yahoo account:

• First of all, open your system and choose the browser of your choice.

Open website

Now enter your Yahoo ID and password on the login page.

After this go to compose message icon located in the top left of your mail home page.

Now type the email address of the recipient to whom you want to send the mail in the "To:" field.

Keep in mind the address which you enter must be in the format of e.g. (XXX can be any email portal i.e. yahoo, Gmail outlook etc.)

It's good to Double-check the email address which you entered. There should not be any space in between the words.

You can ignore the "CC:" field if you are sending mail to a single person.

As you know CC stands for Carbon Copy and by using this you can send the same message to others at the same time.

After this type a line in the "Subject:" line tour đài loan giá rẻ about the contents of the entire mail. The email subject line is the main part of your mail. Whatever you write in the subject line is shown in the recipient's inbox to whom you send your mail.

Subject line always should be short and express a clear idea of the message of the email content.

After this, the big blank text is the space where you can write your mail. The mail can be short or long depending upon the requirement.

In case you want to attach some documents images or files with your mail, then you can look at the bottom of the mail from where you can see a paper clip icon which you can tap to add attachments in your mail.

You can browse your system and add the attachment of your choice to add in the mail.

Finally, you can tap on the "Send" button when you are contented. The email will be sent by the yahoo server immediately.

While sending attachments you should keep in mind that the total message size in yahoo account is 25MB.

In case you experience nay difficulty in using composing the mail, then you can simply dial a Yahoo customer service number for get solutions according to your needs in a couple of minutes. The certified experts will provide you tips and tricks in a competent manner.