No. Yahoo! is a trademark of Yahoo! Inc. There are no programs called Yahoo!, but there are Yahoo! Inc. servers that run programs bearing the Yahoo! trademark, including Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News, and so on, as well as client applications such as Yahoo! Messenger.

Is Yahoo bad for computer?
yes yahoo is bad for computer

Is there a email program that you can use on your computer and tour đài loan giá rẻ also have it forward to your emails to your cell phone?
Yahoo Mail offers such a service, though not for free.

How long does it take to install SBC Yahoo DSL?
DSL can take just as long as any other program being installed onto a computer. The speed is determined on the personal computer and settings adjusted by the owner.

What is the best e mail program?
For me, it's YAHOO!.

How do you remove Yahoo messenger?
First, you go to you "computer" button.(click on it) Then, you click on then button on the top'ish part of the "pop up box". Click "Uninstall or change a program." Then, wait for about 10 seconds and scroll down to "Yahoo Messenger". Then, you well, uninstall it! I hope I helped!

How do you remove gibberish appearing in your Yahoo Messenger window while chatting after being infected by a friend who visited website
Well first trying going to the control panel of your computer and click on the icon that reads add/remove programs. Uninstall yahoo messenger from your computer. Then, run a scan of your system. I recommend using Windows Live Onecare. You can download this program from After that visit and and reinstall yahoo messenger.

Is there a way to get Yahoo Notepad via Yahoo Go?
You can save all Yahoo Notes to your computer with Asman Yahoo Notepad Capturer. Download from here: http:/

What is the password of hack yahoo v1.7?
The password for Hack Yahoo V1.7 is not known. This is because this is an illegal program. You could face criminal charges for attempting to hack into Yahoo.

How do you save your Yahoo contacts onto a different file on your computer?
If you are referring to contacts in your yahoo mail, in mail select addresses, to the right of page select import/export, scroll down to export and selact any of the choices most email, pims or other contact managers recognize the yahoo csv even excel or other spredsheet program.

How do you upload a photo on Yahoo?
shoot your computer

How do you deactivate a Yahoo Mail account?
what is computer

Which program is better Yahoo messenger or AIM?
whichever one most of your friends have. the program is useless if you have no friends on it.

Why is yahoo so slow?
It's not on my computer. It may be your computer or sortware or whatever. :)

What is a computer program made of?
A computer program contains instructions, to be executed by a computer.

What is the diffrence between a computer program and a computer application?
What is the difference between a computer program and a computer application

Example of computer program?
This site, WikiAnswers ... this is a computer program.

Is Microsoft Word a computer program?
Yes. Everything that executes on a computer is a computer program.

What is the computer term used to describe a computer program?
A computer program is known as 'software'.

What is the difference between a software and a computer program?
The computer program uses the software to perform its function. Without software, there can be no computer program.

Program de spart iduri de yahoo messenger?

Why is Yahoo messenger not working in my PC?
can not download on my computer

What is an example of a computer database?
Google, yahoo, Oracle

How can one send a test message from a computer?
Persons can use Yahoo Messenger to send a text message on a computer. Log in to Yahoo . Enter Yahoo Messenger, and click "Actions" and then click "Send an SMS Message". Choose a contact and click "Ok".

What is a program to prevent computer viruses from infecting a computer?
which of the following is a program to prevent computer viruses from infecting a computer

What is a program on a computer?
A computer program is a set of rules that guides the computer to do a particular work, for which it is designed.

What is a computer program that can damage files and programs on your computer?
A virus is a program that can damage files on your computer.

What are the differences between computer programming and computer program?
Computer Programming is a process used by people (developers) to BUILD a computer program. A computer program is something like Microsoft Word or FireFox.

What is a program option page on your computer?
Computer Program Option Page

What occurs when a persons voice is heard or when the computer talks through speakers on the computer?
* If you mean your voice while using a microphone or someone else voice while using a chat with voice program like yahoo, ICQ, team-speak or any other like that it is simply the program and windows sending out the sound through your speakers, probably you need a headset with a microphone attached. * If the voice coming from the speakers is not familiar and there is no program with voice running probably computer is...

What is program execution?
That means to load a computer program into a computer's memory, and have the computer carry out the instructions in the program.

When creating the computer program who ll design the structure of the program?
when creating a computer program, system analyst design the structure of the program

How can I Log into Yahoo Mail using proxy?
To log into yahoo mail using proxy one must find a proxy servicing device or program that supports the server that yahoo mail is currently operating on.

Where would it be possible to find information about Yahoo Messenger Express?
Yahoo has documentation about its instant messenger suite on its website. Yahoo Messenger Express is the web-based means to connect to Yahoo Instant Messenger. Users can log into their Yahoo webmail and chat without using a separate program to connect.

What is another name for a Computer Program?
A tour đài loan giá rẻ computer program can be referred to as software or an application.

What an error in computer program is called?
An error in a computer program is called a bug.

What do you call computer program in kannada?
computer program means ganaka yantra.

What is a collection of computer program called?
Collection of computer program is Call Software.

What Difference of a computer program and a computer programmer?
a computer program is an arts or science but the computer programmer is conducc a thousands of letters or numbers

How do you hook up the ds to the computer?
I do not no so go to yahoo

How can i return to my yahoo classic menu?
tell me how i can save it, i have it on my screen now, but when i close the computer it leaves, wanting me to choose the new yahoo i do not want the new yahoo Hello Friends , Easier way of get back to YAHOO MAIL CLASSIC.

What is the difference between a computer and a computer program?
A computer is an electronic (or electromechanical) device that can handle input, processing and produce output. A computer program is a set of rules or instructions that enables the computer to perform these tasks (input, processing and output). They work together, a computer is useless without a computer program, and a computer program cannot work without a computer. It is a symbiotic relationship.

What is a Yahoo mesenger?
Yahoo! Messenger is an all-in-one communication tool, and anyone, anywhere in the world, with a computer and Internet connection can use it.

How can you sign in to Yahoo messenger and Yahoo mail into one process?
The new version of Yahoo Mail will automatically log you into chat. The chat is built right into their webmail program. If you are using the desktop Yahoo! Messenger, you will get alerts when new mail is received. If you click on an alert you should get logged into Yahoo Mail automatically. when yahoo was downloaded a need plugins also

Can you cheat at Yahoo spades?
Yes!!!! Cheat with partner or get card counting program! You can get the card counter program at website

What do you need to make cdg's on my computer?
wbetty87@yahoo what do you do to make cdg's on my dell computer windows xp

Why do you get redirected to another site when you search on Google or yahoo?
== == == == If you are not able to visit those websites without being diverted to another website you likely have spyware / adware on your computer. Get a spyware removal program to clean your computer. Because those are websites designed to give you websites that give you information

Define computer program?
A computer program is simply a file that "does something". It performs an action.

Define software and its types?
A software is a computer program. This is a program that keeps files on the computer.

When creating a computer program who is design the structure of the program in a computer system?
The code designer.

Could you substitute the word instructions for the term computer program?
A computer program is a series of instructions for a computer, and 'instructions' could be used to describe a program in relevant context, as also could 'computer code'.

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