You need a yahoo ID for yahoo answers and in order to get an ID you will automatically get a yahoo email; so by default then you need yahoo email.

Can you create a Yahoo Answers account without making a Yahoo email?
No,you can't.Yahoo Answers is launched by yahoo,so hence,to create a yahoo answers account,you need to have a yahoo account.

Do you need to have Yahoo email to have a Yahoo Answers account?

What type of services are offered when signing up for an email account with Yahoo?
When signing up for an email account with Yahoo, one can access many different features on the Yahoo website. Specifically, one can access all email features, and post on other parts of the website such as Yahoo Answers.

Do you need a Yahoo email for Yahoo answers?
You need a yahoo ID for yahoo answers and in order to get an ID you will automatically get a yahoo email; so by default then you need yahoo email.

How do you unsubscribe from Yahoo answers?
Yahoo Answers is not a subscription service, so you can't unsubscribe. Only the Yahoo Answers team can DELETE a Yahoo Answers account. Closing the Yahoo EMAIL ID will eventually deactivate the linked Yahoo Answers account, but also closes everything attached to that email account. After 4 months, the Yahoo Answers profile WILL disappear and show a message stating the account has been closed. But ALL the questions and answers from that profile are still visible...

How do you add a email to your existing Yahoo account?
how to add an email to an existing yahoo account

Can yahoo email be used as a alternate email for another account?
Yes, your Yahoo! email can be used as an alternate email for another account, such as a Gmail account.

Where can someone sign up for a Yahoo email account?
Interested individuals can sign up for a Yahoo email account at the official Yahoo website. Registration for a Yahoo email account is simple and free of charge.

How do you get a Yahoo Answers account?
go to Yahoo Answers website and then click on "Get started" on the right side of the page,type your yahoo id and password and you have a yahoo answers account,if you don't have a yahoo account,you need to create one.

Is Yahoo a type of email account?
Yahoo is an email service provider.

Do you have to have a Yahoo account to join Yahoo awnsers?
Yes, you need to have a yahoo account to join yahoo answers.

How old do you have to be to not have to pay for a yahoo email account?
Yahoo email account is free to all users of all ages.

Is yahoo answers dangerous to join?
not at all. It runs off of your email account, and because of that they try to make it secure.

Can someone make me a Yahoo Answers account?
Yes,but for that you need to have a yahoo account.

How much does it cost to get an email account from Yahoo?
A Yahoo e-mail account is free .

How do you get rid of your yahoo account without getting rid of your yahoo email address?
you can't do it if you delete your account then no more email address

Can you make a Yahoo account without making an email address?
You can make a yahoo account but it will still be able to be used as a email.. just don't login into your email

Does Obama have a yahoo account?
Yes, Obama indeed has a Yahoo! account. He also uses his Yahoo! Answers account but not as often as you'd appreciate.

How do you change your yahoo email address name?
It is not possible to change Yahoo ID or primary email address. Instead of changing yahoo id you can try below options 1. Create an extra email address - a second email address available with your existing Yahoo account. 2. Create an alias - an extension of your Yahoo account that hides your primary ID. 3. Create a new Yahoo account.

Do you have to have a Yahoo account to join Yahoo Answers?
Yes you do, And you must be at least 13 to use it. (You can be any age for a Yahoo Account)

If you have a Google email account and your wife have a yahoo email account can the default account be another email account like windows mall?
advantage and disadvantage of email commercal

How do you get rid of Yahoo Mail?
You can log into your account and then chose the option to delete the account or send an email to yahoo to close the account

Create a account on Yahoo email?
press create account

How do you make a Yahoo Anwersaccount?
You sign up, input your information that is needed, and you have an account, the Yahoo Answers account derives from having an actual Yahoo Account.

Do you need to be 18 years or older to have a yahoo Email account?
Yes, you have to be 18 to have a yahoo account. If your under 18, someone will have to help you create the yahoo account.

How old do you have to be to join Yahoo answers?
To join Yahoo! Answers, you have to be 13 or older, unless your parents have an account.

What s a good website to get answers?
It is this site obviously or if you have a Yahoo account you can ask a question on Yahoo Answers.

What age do you have to be to join Yahoo answers?
You can ask or answer questions at yahoo answers at any age,but Yahoo Answers says that you need to be 13 to create a yahoo answers account,same for Facebook,Wiki Answers and many other sites.

Where is your email?
Wherever you made your email account. Aol, Yahoo, MSN...

Why can't i get to my Yahoo page or email?
You habe to register with yahoo and create an email account . Then you need to create your webpage at geocities or you can blog at yahoo 360

How do you un hack my email account?
my wifes yahoo email account has been locked and get support to help

How do you make a account on Yahoo answers?
Click "Get Started" on the right of the page,sign in with your yahoo id and you become a member of Yahoo Answers from the buttom.

How can you put your yahoo email account on your Ipod Touch?
if you want to find out go to you tube and type in how to set up a yahoo email account on an ipod or an ipod touch.

How do you open a yahoo mail id without password?
i don,t no what is my yahoo email account password how to openit my email

How do you make a free minecraft account without email?
You need an email account, just make a free email account, there are many providers such as yahoo or gmail.

How can you retrieve your yahoo account when you have no password for the backup email and the email that your signing into Also when the email itself never had security questions or a phone connected?
This is not a way to get into a yahoo account without a password or email. The only way for it to be open is if the law does it.

How can you get find your own email password?

Will yahoo let 11year olds have an account?
if you have an email

How do you delete yahoo mail account?
You can delete your yahoo email by visiting the Terminate Your Account Page. After entering your information and the captcha, click on Terminate Your Account.

What age does one have to be able to have email access on Yahoo Mail?
In order to have email access on Yahoo Mail, one has to be at least 13 years or older. However, it is possible for parents to create a family account on Yahoo and thus grant younger individuals permission to have their own email account on Yahoo Mail.

How do you get account support from Yahoo?
How do you get account support from Yahoo? This is common question of Yahoo users are you coming across some of the emailing complications in the Yahoo mail account? This shows that you are in immediate need for obtaining Yahoo tech support for email security service. Once you find your email account is working well you can work with it over years and years. Call Yahoo customer care 1-888-510-5337 (Toll Free) and simply resolve your...

How old do you have to tour đài loan giá rẻ be to have Yahoo Answers?
You need to be 13 according to Yahoo Answers to create an account,same for Wiki Answers, Facebook and many other sites.

How can somebody get a Yahoo email account?
It is very easy to obtain a Yahoo email account. You simply need to go to Yahoo's homepage and sign up for a new email address. Yahoo's emails are free and accessible from anywhere.

How do you delete your Yahoo Mail?
Yahoo email accounts are automatically terminated if not used for a certain period of time but if you are looking to delete the account now then sign into the email account your looking to delete. Click my account and you will see an option for deleting your account. Remember, once deleted you cannot go back to the email account.

Do you need Yahoo email to get Yahoo messenger?
Yes, you do need a Yahoo e-mail account to obtain a Yahoo ID to sign into messenger.

Yahoo log in?
To get to your Yahoo account, you need your Yahoo log in information. You log in with your user name and password to access your email.

Where can you register for an email account?
Yahoo!! MSN!! AIM!! Hotmail!!

Got this email is it spam Yahoo Account Warning Verify Your Yahoo Account To Avoid De-Activation?
Contact yahoo to make sure its legit if it is not block the addressee

Were is the best place to make a email account?
There are several great places where a person can make an email account. The most popular email accounts are at Yahoo and Gmail.

Can you have a Yahoo instant messenger without having a Yahoo email address?
Yes. Download Yahoo Messenger and click "don't have an account".

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