The yahoo users are often facing a lot of trouble with their account in terms of password and login. The users of the yahoo mail account often are biased towards the quality of service they enjoy with their account as they yahoo account are equipped with really advanced features and technologies. The users of the yahoo account can try out these features when they have an account with yahoo. However at times, the yahoo mail account pose a lot of trouble and then the best solution are the step by step solutions which you can follow. Here, we are going to share the steps required to recover your yahoo account password without the phone number.

Go to the yahoo login page. There one can find the option for login if they already have an existing account or they can register for a new account. Here one can also find the hyperlink for forgot Yahoo password right below the field for password entry field.

Once you click the link, you would be redirected to the page where you have several options which are methods of recovering your password.

Chose the option for recovery through the alternate email address or the security question and its answer.

In case you choose the option for answering the security question and its answer, you would have to input the exact phrase that you used while registering the account for answering the security question. Otherwise it would not work. In case you are not able to remember the exact phrasing or the answer itself, opt for the alternate email address.

When you choose the option for alternate email address, you would be redirected to a page where a message would be flashed that a link has tour du lịch đài loan từ hà nội been sent to your alternate email for recovery.

Go to the alternate email account and click the respective link from the recovery mail. You would be then directed to a page for changing and creating a new password. This is actually a verification link.

Enter the password of your choice two times as confirmation and click on apply or change password button. They go back to the login page and enter this password and you can once more access the account smoothly. The users must ensure in this case that they actively use the alternate account and remember the login details of that account.