To add your site to Yahoo, use Yahoo search. Search Yahoo for "add site Yahoo". adding a website to Yahoo requires registration.

Is yahoo an Indian site?
No, Yahoo is not an Indian site. It is most certainly an American site.

Is yahoo a safe site?
is yahoo a safe site to play card games

Can you check Yahoo mail on different sites?
Yahoo mail can be checked in the official Yahoo site and not in any other site.

How do I put my yahoo contacts into my iPad?
You can add an app of yahoo and add it to your ipad.

How do you add a email to your existing Yahoo account?
how to add an email to an existing yahoo account

How can you add friends on Yahoo?
go to the bottom of your yahoo list and hit add a contact

What kind of site is yahoo?
Yahoo is a site where you can email, search, and listen to music and play games.

Is yahoo a social networking site?
No, yahoo is not a social networking site. Yahoo is an email website, like Gmail or Hotmail. However, it does have a search engine, but it is still not a social networking site, according to Wikipedia.

How do you find an article posted yesterday on the yahoo site?
To find an article that was posted on the Yahoo site yesterday, you need to access the site and look at the date.

Why did Yahoo cancel your YahooAnswers account?
Wiki is a separate web site from Yahoo and does not have access to that information. See the link below for possible reasons listed by the Yahoo site.

What kind of Internet site is Yahoo com?
Yahoo Is a Search Engine.

What is BT Yahoo exactly about?
BT Yahoo is just a bundle of all Yahoo services offered at one site. Users don't have to use different websites for different Yahoo services anymore. Once logged in, BT Yahoo offers all available Yahoo services on one site.

What email service is closest to how Yahoo used to be?
There are a few sites that are close to how Yahoo used to be. One site is Mail. com. This site even offers upgrades if you choose them. Another site is Gmail, but it doesn't have the same homepage as Yahoo.

How do you add Yahoo smileys in Blogger posts?
If you want to add yahoo smileys to blogger post. Then just check out this cool easy trick to do so... website

How TO add Yahoo on tool bar?
i do not want Alot i want my yahoo back

Is Yahoo site down cannot get into your Yahoo Mail?
If it is, I should be back up soon.

Is there a site where you put the question in and it will answer it for you other than this site?
yahoo answers

How can Listed in Yahoo Directory?
You need to login to your yahoo email and then add the listing in yahoo directory. Note that it is the paid service.

Can you use Yahoo with hotmail?
i think you just add a contact like you normally would, so; on yahoo you could add

What is the Yahoo account of Wu chun Does he have a Yahoo?
We Love You!.Your Hot!.Whats Your Yahoo!?.So Are you Really Tom Kaulitz?.So Tay's Yahoo Is "warrior_chik_95"...And...Candace's Yahoo Is "candacequill_60"...And Janine's Yahoo Is "jaynine_moose_80"..Hope You Add Us In Yahoo..=]..Much Love Tom kaulitz! =D...We Love You More Then Everything As A Fan! =D..Well Add Us Up Then =]..

Which is the secuired site to download yahoo messenger?
google is the most secured site

Does anyone know where a question and answer site is?
This one, but yahoo is also a question and answer site.

Why isn't yahoo working?
There Fixing The Site

How do you spell Yahoo?
That is one form of exclamation, yahoo. There are others such as "woo hoo" and "yippee." The name was adopted an online site (Yahoo!) in 1994.

How do you change your contact's picture on Yahoo mail?
You can't yet add photos to yahoo contacts.

How do you get on your email?
if you have yahoo or any other site get on their site. Like yahoo would be then click sign in. your username would be your email. and you decide your password when you make your email.

What is the best question and answer site?
Yahoo answers or google Sometimes here is OK but yahoo answers is my fave

What s a good website to get answers?
It is this site obviously or if you have a Yahoo account you can ask a question on Yahoo Answers.

How do you use Yahoo as a bookmark?
Generally i use bookmark of yahoo to promote high quality informative site.

I am a member of Yahoo Answers I am trying to find out if this is the same site and if so is it owned by READERS DIG?
This is NOT the same site as YAHOO ANSWERS. This site is one of several similar and associated ones owned and operated by ANSWERS.COM.

Did yahoo and Facebook merge?
Yahoo and Facebook did not merge. Yahoo is a search engine that competes with google and bing. While Facebook is a social networking site

Why does yahoo have so much advertising on their site it is not user friendly you seem to care more about advertisers rather than your members?
If you have an issue with the Yahoo web-site, you should really contact Yahoo and ask them directly. Answers and Yahoo are completely separate web-sites - with no connection to each other.

Where can I find a free horoskope site?
Yahoo has one

Does Yahoo answers ever answer a question?
This site is better.

Why is this site so shite?
Even yahoo is better

What is Yahoo answers?
Yahoo answers is a public-access question and answer site where any member can answer or ask questions and earn points.Basically,its just a Q and A site like,it is on number 2 in the list of most popular Q and A site,and this site is on number 1.

Which is better and why - or Yahoo Answers?
As a previous member of Yahoo Answers, I can very firmly say is much better. Here is why: has a dedicated team of Vandal Patrollers who root out cyberbullying as quickly as it comes to attention and deals with the bullies accordingly. Yahoo on the other hand does not take the same zero tolerance approach to bullying on their website. The Vandal Patrol Supervisors on Answers actively patrol the contributions to try and...

What other sites - apart from WikiAnswers - can help you with the answers you need?
Yahoo! Answers is also a good site, other than WikiAnswers. But I recommend WikiAnswers over Yahoo! Answers. WikiAnswers is the best Q&A site and it has the best community. Yahoo! Answers isn't always correct, as well, and you cannot change the answers or spellings on there. On WikiAnswers, you can edit about everything to make the site better. Yahoo! Answers you can't, and it is a poor Q&A site.

How much can one personalise Yahoo site builder to make a website?
You can really make your website unique with Yahoo Site Builder. There are over 380 templates you can use, making your site stand out for any business or hobby that you may have.

Does Vanessa Hudgens have a real Yahoo?
yes.and it's babyvanessa143 if you want to add her (add her)

How do you add Yahoo Mail to an iPhone 5?
Go to: Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then, Add Account. Select Yahoo Mail and configure. See the related link for more information.

What is the main purpose behind Yahoo Hotjobs?
Yahoo Hotjobs was a web site feature designed to help match hiring companies with potential job candidates. Yahoo recently sold its Hotjobs name and technology to industry career site leader Monster.

What to do when my grandson signed into Yahoo and now I can't find my Yahoo address Did he delete me?
Maybe he did, but you can always add him again.

How would Yahoo bookmarks get on your Internet Explorer Favorites list?
If you have Yahoo Toolbar installed, it will add the bookmarks. -Jesse

Where does one watch Yahoo videos?
One can watch Yahoo videos at the Yahoo site, at the video section. Many videos can be found in Yahoo videos - music videos, short clips from films, and many more.

What is this site about is it in 3D?
i dont know, but IMVU is 3D +& Yahoo

What is the best emailing site?
Gmail is the best. ~ website or Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the best email site?
The best is aol,yahoo, or, gmail.

Is there another site like this one?
Yahoo answers is similar.

What is this another Yahoo Answers site?
Actually, this came first

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