When is Cyber Monday 2010? This year, Cyber Monday falls on November 29th, exactly 26 days before Christmas. More and more online shoppers are becoming aware of and taking advantage of this bargain shopping event. Cyber Monday is a great opportunity for online stores to offer and promote their heavily discounted products and compete with other big online retailers who hold their own Cyber Monday Sales.
So how do you get the best of the Cyber Monday shopping sales? To get the most out of this annual big discount online sale all you need to do is follow some simple but effective online shopping tips. Always remember that your goal is to maximize savings on your Christmas shopping and to minimize buying efforts.
Tip #1: Figure out exactly how much you want to spend on this year's Christmas shopping. Check your bank accounts and credit card balances to determine how much money you can happily spend on Christmas gifts.
Tip #2: Shop at the best and most reputable online stores. You will find a lot of good and reliable deals with well-known phượng hoàng cổ trấn shopping sites rather than less-reputable sites that few people have heard of.
Tip # 3: Start looking right now! Be on the lookout now for Christmas gift ideas, coupons and discount deals. New and exciting products will come out very soon. The items that are being unveiled right now will be on sale come Cyber Monday. A lot of items are already on sale, so start looking and you're sure to find a great deal.
Tip # 4 Compare prices. Knowing what other online stores are selling the same item for is extremely beneficial. Cyber Monday sales at the top online stores will include free shipping, special holiday offers and even free gifts with purchases over a certain amount, so keep watch.
Tip # 5: Use Cyber Monday Coupons Buying online lets you shop with Cyber Monday coupons. The best sales for Cyber Monday online let you redeem coupons or promotional codes, which save you some extra money while shopping online. All you phượng hoàng cổ trấn have to do is enter the coupon code (if necessary) in your shopping cart at checkout, and the coupon discount will reflect in your shopping cart. The best place to look for Cyber Monday coupons is on a deal or coupon site. These websites list all the latest coupons of the season.
Tip # 6: Get Cash Back on your Cyber Monday Online Shopping Apart from using coupons and promotional codes to save on your Cyber Monday shopping, you should also do your online shopping through a cash back shopping website. Cash back websites actually pay you to shop for Cyber Monday 2010 deals through them! For every item you purchase at their partner stores (through them), they pay you a cash back shopping rebate. This is a great way to save some extra money, for almost no extra effort.
Using these shopping tips can help you make informed shopping decisions and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars this Cyber Monday and Christmas online shopping season.

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