Automotive floor jacks are relatively small devices used to manually lift an end or corner of a car off of the ground. A properly working hydraulic jack should take three or four pumps to fully raise your car. Lifting height: In order to efficiently lift your vehicle, the hydraulic jack should be placed underneath the vehicle. Don't leave the lifting handle attached to the floor jack when not in use.

So, ensure that the service floor jack that you intend to purchase has the ability to lift your car safely. Scissor car jacks usually use mechanical advantage to allow a human to lift a vehicle by manual force alone. It isn't for low profile vehicles with ground clearance under 8″ inches but what it will do great in is lifting up medium to large sized cars, trucks and SUV's.

A perfect high-quality floor jack for lifted trucks and SUV's that require a high lifting range for a reasonable price. While this jack is perfect for lifting almost any vehicle you will come across, it's weight might make it a factor for some people. This Blackhawk jack is much more affordable than some others on our list, and it has one of the highest lifting capacities.

What you need to find out is whether your vehicle is more than 2-tons or not, being that the majority of cars are within the 2-ton range. The lifting height of the hydraulic jacks is expressed by the interval between the minimum and maximum lift values. Having a floor jack is a real convenience if you work in a garage or fix your vehicle yourself.

It's important to find the right one, whether that's for occasional roadside emergency use or regular maintenance on a car, truck, motorcycle, or trailer - finding a floor jack that fit your needs can be tough, and we're here to help you make that decision.

While some floor jacks are relatively inexpensive as compared to others, some are not really durable and can cost you some extra dollars to fix. This Arcan (yes we like the brand) gets under cars that other floor jacks can't. For your own safety, it's recommended to use axle stands or jack stands once the vehicle has been raised to the required height.

This professional-quality aluminium floor jack features a 3 ton lift capacity which is ALJ3T Aluminium Floor Jack by Arcan has a high capacity and allows you to lift your car at a higher height. There are very specific points on the frame of your car that have been reinforced to support your car's weight when it is raised with a jack.