Automotive floor jacks are relatively small devices used to manually lift an end or corner of a car off of the ground. Low profile jacks work best for race cars and other performance cars which hit the ground. If you choose Ranger jacks and stands, and you follow your vehicle manufacturer's lifting procedures, you're going to lift as safe as humanly possible. If you own a low profile vehicle, Pro-Lift F-767 is an excellent choice.

It's best to opt for a three-ton capacity jack if you require the best floor jack for a truck. While 59 pounds isn't light," it's still a lot lighter than most floor jacks of a similar caliber. The Alltrade 640912 3 Ton All in One Bottle Jack is a powerful floor jack with a small footprint and a high lifting power, ideal for lifting heavier vehicles with ease, particularly in confined spaces.

Engage breaks on your vehicle, so it does not move when using a floor jack. Smart lifting practices are a must to ensure the safety of anyone working underneath a vehicle. What is even better, the mechanism allows you to extend the jack from its minimum height to its maximum in just 5 to 6 pumps, while the release valve lowers the car at a slow and gentle pace.

Bottle jacks are taller thus have the highest minimum clearance and they are the better choice for taller and heavier vehicles. Car Height - Although car jacks can be placed underneath most vehicle varieties, there are some automobiles that require the devices to be lower than usual, most notably sports cars.

Floor jacks are referred to as the mechanical equipment that is used to lift up vehicles from lighter ones to the heavier one, all depending upon what type of vehicles are expected to be entertained by them. The hydraulic jacks use that rule. Next make sure you have located a part of the vehicle that is designed to accommodate the immense weight of the car or truck being lifted.

A perfect high-quality floor jack for lifted trucks and SUV's that require a high lifting range for a reasonable price. While this jack is perfect for lifting almost any vehicle you will come across, it's weight might make it a factor for some people. This Blackhawk jack is much more affordable than some others on our list, and it has one of the highest lifting capacities.

The Alltrade Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack is a powerful and flexible floor jack designed for maximum versatility, making it one of the best floor jack options available in 2019 for anyone who needs to lift a wide range of different vehicles or other heavy objects.