If your hardwood floors are of good quality, bringing a touch of superiority and timelessness to your home, it makes sense that you want to choose the vacuum that is perfect for their care in order to properly protect your precious floor. Safety is a big concern when you're carrying out DIY work on your vehicle It's important to know that you're doing everything in the safe and proper way. For instance, when your car weighs 2 tons, both jack stands that you could use in your car should both hold 2 tons.

A perfect high-quality floor jack for lifted trucks and SUV's that require a high lifting range for a reasonable price. While this jack is perfect for lifting almost any vehicle you will come across, it's weight might make it a factor for some people. This Blackhawk jack is much more affordable than some others on our list, and it has one of the highest lifting capacities.

Since floor jacks are usually not the kind you take on the road with you, we'll assume you can park your vehicle on a smooth, level surface. On the other hand, if you are going to use one for off-road vehicles, a high-lift jack is the best option. It's built with a heavy duty gauge all steel construction with nice firm platforms for feet, and the small size allows for easy storage wherever you may need to have it.

It's not just easier on the arms; you'll also have more time to notice problems - like the jack slipping or the car over-balancing. When in the locked position, the jack can lift 3.5 tons of weight, which is a huge amount, so it'll more than likely be able to meet your needs.

You're about to see some of the cheapest floor jacks known to man, as well as some of the most expensive. The Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low-Profile Steel Floor Jack is a floor jack that does all the most important things well. All floor jacks are rated to a certain maximum weight capacity.