Every human being has an innate urge for self-realization. So it is important to acknowledge this, to be aware of the restless mind and its urge to be distracted from this moment. According to Arne Næss, humans can achieve self-realization only as part of an ecospheric whole. You can actually feel Shakti as a vibration, as bliss, as peace, as love or as a nurturing energy.

You don't have to be the one feeling the hate; you might as well as be another person who has been affected by the love you have for someone. The moment you question who you are, what is your purpose and why you are Deva here at this time, your long process of self-realization begins.

What we suggest is that instead of improving meaningfulness as an undistinguished whole, they more specifically improve one's sense of self-realization. If you don't create a definite path for the mind, then the mind has its own way to go through the process of life.

Because of some amazing breakthroughs in sound recording, you are now able to receive this same Shakti through a unique CD. Simply by listening to this "Shakti" meditation CD, deep meditation and bliss are naturally awakened in you, leading you on the easiest path to self realization.

For instance, Indian spiritual philosophy identifies three paths towards Self-Realization — the Karma yoga, the Bhakti yoga and the Gnan yoga. Even with many valid spiritual practices, the mind finds a way to make it about the ego. The change of faith is as slow as the changes made in the body which are so small that it can't be noticed in the short time, Yet no one can stop this change even for a moment.

When our self-realization is certain, life will continue to flow with discoveries, not because we are searching for them, but because that is how life expresses its joy and fullness—by spontaneously manifesting new revelations. In the Encinitas Hermitage, Paramahansa Yogananda spent many years in divine communion, bringing forth from his direct experience of God writings that have inspired countless souls to a deeper search for Him.

For me, it was a turning point in my life when I realized that there are times when you and I need to take second look at life and try to make real sense of it. In addition, I also did not feel comfortable losing personal control or placing my fate in the hands of another imaginary being.