Mindfulness meditation is really the essence of meditation and yoga. If you're ready to embark on a spiritual journey that will take you to self-realization, follow the Kriya yoga techniques. But these days, more than in the past, people are seeking for meaningful connection, spiritual healing, hope, and freedom from the tyranny of their minds.

Compared to the Kramic path, the Akram path to attain Self-Realization is much easier, swifter and secured, particularly in this day and age of Kaliyug, where one is unable to undergo severe penances in order to attain self-realization. Other names for this sacred experience are nirvana, heaven, moksha, unio mystica ( spiritual alchemy ), samadhi, cosmic consciousness, and so on.

There is cross-cultural work showing that both self-realization and having a broader purpose are valued across cultural boundaries as important values (e.g., Chirkov et al., 2003 ; Schwartz et al., 2012 ; Feygina and Henry, 2015 ) and some work on the various meanings people attach to work across countries (e.g., Lundberg and Peterson, 1994 ), but much more research looking at work meaningfulness across cultures would be needed before any cross-cultural generalizations could be made.

In the eyes of a person who has lost interest in life, all of the goals seem useless and pointless and he considers them mere chores that must be completed and not means for self-realization. She has become as vibrantly full of good energy as I have become, and I believe we owe it all in a very large part to the great spiritual work being done at Pathways and the Ascension Network.

The realization of the ultimate truth is the purpose of all living souls but a few individuals could succeed in their endeavor towards this end, leaving the rest of them to get entangled in the illusions of life and making them wander in their spiritual pursuits causing numerous births and deaths.