Have tenya-fishing you ever considered purchasing an inflatable fishing boat? Aluminum as a metal also resists corrosion, making it perfect for salt water fishing expeditions. No matter what type of fishing you engage in (fly fishing or spin fishing) a personal pontoon is a wonderful fishing tool. Although the word inflatable may scare you a bit, if you keep these things in mind you will find that inflatable boats can make the perfect fishing boat, and at a fraction of what a traditional bass boat will cost.

I fish for bass so I've a purpose-built bass boat - low-profile, stable, plenty of casting area and fitted with the latest Garmin marine electronics. I can't give you a generic time to go fishing, as this will always depend where you are going fishing with catfish you are targeting.

As is in any domain, even in the aspect of fishing boats, various evolutionary methodologies have come to be adopted over the course of time. When you're out in the open water, you can encounter all kinds of different weather, and therefore these boats had to be made to be able to stand up to just about anything.

Also, small boats are great for small rivers and they have some of the most overlooked opportunities in the country. Launched at the Melbourne International Boat Show in July, the Fish 360M is the first all-new Cruise Craft for several years, but it was worth the wait as the Fish 360M is a gorgeous boat with lots of fishing features.

Because this guide is geared toward first-time boat buyers who will typically want boats that meet their fishing needs, are affordable, fairly easy to maintain and can be trailered, I've capped the maximum boat length discussed in this guide at 26 feet with outboard motors and excluded certain models.

By following the tips and recommendations made in this guide, you will have taken all of the important aspects of boat ownership into consideration and will be prepared to make the best selection that will meet your fishing boat needs for years to come.