There's encouraging news for the millions of Americans at threat for colon cancer. To compare more, consider taking a view at: A new, effortless-to-use fecal occult blood test (FOBT) is readily available for at-property screening and is developed especially to detect colon cancer at its earliest stages.

Hemoccult ICT is a new, protected and cost-effective FOBT screening choice for colon cancer-the second leading lead to of cancer-related death in the United States. In spite of its higher incidence, colon cancer is a highly treatable cancer, with a 90 percent survival rate when detected early. Regrettably, only half of the much more than 80 million Americans over age 50 have been screened for colon cancer.

The American Cancer Society recommends annual screening with a FOBT for both men and ladies starting at age 50. Annual colon cancer screening with FOBT has been confirmed to reduce mortality by 33 percent when compared with no screening. Because colon cancer can take three to ten years or longer to create in the typical patient, it is essential to start screening prior to establishing signs and symptoms.

FOBT vs. My aunt discovered by browsing books in the library. This staggering Gastro Center NJ Recommends Routine Colonoscopy Screenings Starting at Age 45 portfolio has varied wonderful tips for how to acknowledge this concept. Colonoscopy

For years colonoscopy has been the most nicely-identified test in colon cancer screening. Although extensively regarded as the gold standard, colonoscopy does have some drawbacks:

\u2022 Colonoscopy costs among $300 and $1,000, and whilst covered by insurance for many, millions of Americans lack wellness insurance coverage.

\u2022 Standard colonoscopy can be overwhelming for some folks due to the reality that the process is generally completed beneath sedation, and because patients are required to comply with a specific diet plan and take a extremely strong laxative before the exam.

\u2022 Due to a restricted quantity of educated specialists and the equipment necessary to carry out the tests, the optimum quantity of colonoscopies that can be performed in the United States each and every year can accommodate only a quarter of the Americans in want of screening.

Unlike other obtainable FOBTs, the new Hemoccult ICT has no drug or dietary restrictions-enabling people to begin testing at their convenience. If a test comes back positive, a adhere to-up colonoscopy normally is encouraged.. In case people choose to dig up more about Gastro Center NJ Recommends Routine Colonoscopy Screenings Starting at Age 45, we know of many libraries people should consider investigating.