id="cnetReview" section="rvwBody" data-component="indepthReview"> Editor's note, Sept. 20, 2018: Amazon introduced a new Echo Show with a larger screen and direct integration with Amazon's Fire TV streaming service. It ships on Oct. 11.

Editor's note, Oct. 26, 2017: Since introducing the Show in June 2017, Amazon has evolved its lineup of Echo smart speakers, refreshing some older models and continuing to expand Alexa's skills, support new third-party integrations and release special features like free domestic calling. Though the competition has stiffened, neither the Google Home Max nor the forthcoming Apple HomePod have a display, leaving this experimental ground wholly to Amazon -- for now. In fact, Amazon's own Echo Spot is the Show's closest competitor, combining elements of the Dot with the Show's visual capabilities. Here's everything you need to know about the Amazon Echo and Alexa.

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The original Amazon Echo Show review, originally published in June 2017, follows below.

Alexa does more than just set timers. Control your tour bắc kinh home temperature, lights and even your garage door. See all the products that work with Amazon Alexa. "Alexa, what can you show me?"

That's the first thing I asked the touchscreen-equipped Amazon Echo Show, the online retail giant's newest and, at $230 or £200, most expensive Alexa gadget. "There's a lot," Alexa exclaimed, inasmuch as a mostly monotone AI assistant can exclaim anything.

The Echo Show is frequently discounted from its standard $230 price. Check our list of Amazon device deals to see if it's on sale now.

She can show movie trailers, she went on to tell me. She can show the weather, or the items on a to-do list. She can show tour bắc kinh the lyrics as she streams music. She can show your options as you shop for stuff on Amazon. She can show YouTube videos and movies from Amazon Prime Video. She can show you pictures of your loved ones, or connect you with them directly via video chat. All you have to do is ask.