Built as a result of the endless effort of thousands of labourers who died during the Second World War, travelers can take their own myanmar adventure tour to the famous Bridge on the River Kwai and the start of the Death Railway. This bridge is extremely symbolic leaving a reason for anyone as to why they should see it.

This famous bridge and the death railway lies about 1 km outside Kanchuburi which is a province that is located about 80 km west of Bangkok. This bridge was created in 1943 as part of the Japanese project which wanted to link the exciting Thai and Burmese railway lines in order to support Japanese who were fighting British in the Burmese front. The heavy manual work that involved during the building of the bridge was undertaken by labourers and elephants. The original curved spans of the bridge still remains and a daily train from Kanchuburi to Nam Tok railway station takes its route across the bridge.

During this visit it is also important to pay a visit to the Allied War Grave cemeteries and the JEATH war museum, which carries pictures and monuments from this period showing how many sacrificed their lives during the construction of this railway no matter whether they were British, Australian, Canadian or Dutch. This construction of the bridge is therefore known as the major event in the "Asian Holocaust" in which millions of civilians, soldiers and prisoners of war lost their lives.

If you are taking an exciting speed boat ride, it will take you down river to this famed bridge itself where you can have your own pleasure. A ride on a local train is also possible before you return back to Bangkok city. Whichever way you are using to reach this destination it is vital that accommodation at a Bangkok Serviced Apartment such as Bangkok Royal President is arranged to keep you at ease.